Simple Explanation of Twitter, QR Codes and URL Shortening

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Simple Explanation of Twitter

An example Twitter sent to an account name TwitterAccount would look like:
@TwitterAccount Can’t wait to attend. Are there rooms still available? #eventname

The @TwitterAccount would direct it to the TwitterAccount account. #eventname is considered a hash tag and Twitter explains here. The #eventname would let others who search for #eventname find the tweet, but one does not have to always send to someone. So, another Tweet might just use the hash tag:

I’m at #eventname Anyone know a of a good restaurant close to the Event?

or another might look like:

Stop by booth 100 and register to win a prize. Drawing at 4 o’clock #eventname

Regarding the QR codes and url shorteners (sp.), or, etc… Here we’ll use

They take a url and shorten it, making it easier to enter and or tweet. URL shortening started because Twitter only allowed limited characters. For example, when shortened becomes also tracks how many times a url is clicked on. can also generate a QR code for every url, which can be displayed by adding .qr to the end of any shortened url. version

QR Code Version:

QR Codes are explained on Wikipedia.