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Reflecting on 2013 Madison PHP Conference

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We are looking forward to attending Madison’s PHP Conference coming up in just a few days. I thought I would take a moment to reflect on last year’s conference and some of my highlights.

There was a great discussion on Composer and the use of for dependency management. Often times a software project has a list of dependencies upon which the project depends. Composer allows the developer to manage these dependencies using a json file (composer.json). A simple composer.json file might include a few specific dependencies at specific versions. Previously PEAR was used to handle software installation, but Composer has simplified and expanded dependency management.

There was another talk on moving from Legacy code to Modern code. This was an exciting discussion on refactoring code, unit testing and continuous integration. This was exciting, heady stuff! The writing of unit tests during refactoring made sense, and we will strive to tackle this daunting task on Legacy projects. Unit tests are essentially tests against one’s code. We make certain assumptions that X function/method should return Y. Unit tests ensure that these assumptions don’t break when refactoring code. There are many cases for using unit tests right away and PHPUnit has great documentation on useage.

Well, these were just two of the many discussions we attended last year. We are excited to attend this year’s 2014 conference at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison.


Pediatrics PC

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Amplitude Design, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Pediatrics PC is a pediatric clinic located in Omaha, Nebraska. The site contains general office information as well as a means to notify patients of related childcare news.

The Site in Brief:

  • Content Management System (WordPress)
  • Email List Management
  • Feeds for Related Pediatric News
  • Billing and Administrative Functionality

International Cheese Technology Exposition Launch

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Exhibitor Registration

Amplitude Design, Inc. is proud to announce the launch for the ICTE 2012 Online Booth Sign-Up.
We received positive feedback and are pleased with the response. ADI used AIM for credit card processing.

The registration application included a five page form for both Booth Sign-Up and Sponsorship. In just fifty minutes we received 32 orders and 25% of the 2012 show sold in the first day.

Golf Outing Registration/Sponsorship Developed

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Amplitude Design, Inc. developed the registration web site for the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association’s 2011 Golf Outing.

The response was tremendous with 357 golfers registering the first day. This was the first year the association took online registration.

  • 2010 Two Weeks to Sell Out
  • 2011 Sold Out in Three Days

If you would like to speak with us about achieving similar result please click here.

Culligan 2011

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This is our second Culligan development project based upon the success of our prior work. Over five years ago Kennedy Communications attracted more then 100 Culligan dealers to use a template we designed specifically for Culligan. Five years later it was time to take a fresh look at the web site and work-flow process.

Amplitude Design, Inc. developed a new system to handle the day-to-day management, incorporating Kennedy Communications’ specific requirements, and created a more efficient architecture to address the accounts growth.

Portions of the projects included:

  • A Content Management System to handle the various web sites.
  • Consolidate the various web sites into one environment.
  • Develop a Custom Dealer Finder with Google Maps Integration
  • Develop a Custom Interface to Handle Online Communications

Example Web Sites:

This is one of many stories where our close client relationships have help grow businesses.  If you could benefit from web site development please click here to contact us?