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Skateropolis Iphone Application Launched

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Amplitude Design, Inc. worked in collaboration with Ethervision to develop Skateropolis, an Iphone/Itouch skatepark locator and social networking application.

Ethervision approached Amplitude Deisgn, Inc. early on with the idea of creating an Iphone application where skateboarders could locate parks and network with other skateboarders. Ethervision worked with Amplitude Design, Inc. to migrate their list of skateparks (2,500+) into a web based platform. Similarly, they needed an application that would allow them to segment the list of skateparks by a number of traits.

Amplitude Design, Inc. customized our Google mapping application to suit the client’s needs, including Geocoding, researching locations by address by clicking on a link to Google, and segmenting the datat by skatepark surface, skatepark type, and quality rating.

If you would be interested in speaking to Amplitude Design, Inc. about web design or web development click here? We would love to develop an application to solve your needs.

Social Networking ShareThis Integration Completed

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We are pleased to announce the completed integration of the ShareThis social networking tool. The ShareThis tool makes it simple for users’ to share your information with others, and allows you to track your social success.

To view an example integration click here

We believe social networking is a modern approach to word-of-mouth, which is frequently the most lucrative approach to marketing. This may also explain social networking’s rapid growth and influence as it provideds an intuitive social medium (just as phones, cellphones, modems, etc…).

By integrating social tools into your web site you can begin to tap this resource and evaluate your success.

The availability of social networking tools make this simple and we would love to demonstrate. Most site integration is straight forward and requires minimal programming experience, however customization’s can be done through ShareThis‘ API.¬†To contact us about social networking click here.

Photo Gallery Development

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We are pleased to announce the completion of our photo gallery application. This gallery is fully integrated with our content management system to allow for easy updating and familiar navigation. Photos can make a profound impact, but sometimes maintaining a gallery can be more work than it’s worth. That’s why we created the simplest solution, from photo upload, to photo sorting, our solution is intuitive to the users.

– View image thumbnails prior to upload.

– No need to resize photos prior to upload

Breadcrumb navigation ensures  a great user experience

– Lightbox2 photo zoom script integrated with photo paging

– Drag and drop sorting of galleries, albums and photos

– View file upload progress for each file

– Upload several files at one time

Speaking of easy photo uploads, you won’t have to resize your photos prior to uploading. We integrated a file uploading program that can’t get any easier. You upload the photos at any size and let the software do the work. The gallery will size the photos on your machine, saving server processing load, and upload a small, medium and large photo for the gallery. Also, with our solution there is no more guessing what photos you want to upload as you browse long lists of files. The photo upload solution displays thumnails that you simply drag and drop to upload to the gallery. We happily announce the days of tedious photo uploads are over!

To view the PHP photo gallery in action click here

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