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Amplitude Design, Inc. worked with the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association to develop a web strategy for four of their largest events as well as their web site.

The Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association ( development included:

  • A Custom Content Management System
  • A Custom HTML Newsletter Creation and Archival Tool
  • Dynamic PDF Creation on the Server
  • Password Protected Membership Privileges
    – Including Membership Updates
  • Events Calendar with HTML Newsletter Creation and Archival Tool
  • Ongoing Web Design and Development Leveraging Existing Technologies

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This project was for the International Cheese Technology Exposition, part of the four sites we have developed to date for the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association.

Some site specifics include:

  • A customized administrative backend
  • Dynamic exposition registration driven by membership list
  • E-commerce checkout for exposition registation
  • Multi-tiered pricing requiring more advanced customized logic

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We are pleased to announce the completion and launch for the World Championship Cheese Contest. Amplitude Design, Inc. developed three other sites for the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association and is one of four web sites now available:

Some of the items of note:

  • User Account Creation
  • User Contest Entry Management and Tracking
  • Billing and Invoice Tracking
  • Online Contest Entry
  • Language Translation for Contest Information
  • Real-Time Results Posting
  • Live Video-Streaming
  • AIM Integration

We would love to work with you on assessing your needs and vision, just as we did with the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would happy to speak with you.

   |   By  |  No comments came to Amplitude Design, Inc. years ago with a static web site that needed some upgrades. We were able to successfully work with an old design and upgrade it to a more dyanmic site.

This worked for several years, however it was time for a fresh look in conjunction with Merlin’s new product launch. Amplitude Design, Inc. worked with Merlin Darts to customize a Content Management System. The result is a site that allows Merlin Darts to translate their site and provide unique content for each language. In working with Amplitude Design, Inc., Merlin Darts now has complete control over its web site. The client  now has the ability to provide pertinent, updated information on a timley basis. This type of web site provides value to both the visitor and Merlin Darts.

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Energy Tech Solutions, LLC, an expert in LED lighting, worked with Amplitude Design, Inc. to takes its bright ideas to market.

In an effort to control costs and speed up development, Energy Tech Solutions wanted to use their existing site design but expand the capabilities. Amplitude Design’s existing application library allowed them to achieve their goal, while bringing an e-commerce site to market in just two weeks! includes the following applications:

  • News
  • E-Commerce Shopping Cart
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Content Management System

Culligan Franchisees

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The site design collaboration between Kennedy Communications, Twist Communications and Amplitude Design, Inc. of Madison, is now benefiting over 100 Culligan franchisees across the country.

We would love to demonstrate for you how we were able to develop a content management system that was flexible enough to be quickly tailored to the franchisee’s individual markets, while maintaining the brand.

Amplitude Design, Inc. is proud of its execution on the project. We were able to fulifill the needs of the client, and provide a scalable solution for the Culligan franchisees.

Examples Include:

Project Team:

Kevin Johnson of Amplitude Design, Inc. commented on the project saying, “The tools available to Kennedy Communications and their staff allow for maximum control of the copy in all areas of the site, including items related to search engine optimization, while also providing the end-user with rich content .”

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