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FeLion Studios

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Amplitude Design worked with FeLion Studios to develop a site that was both social and functional.

FeLion Studios, a Madison base art studio, was interested in selling their cast-iron art, and creating a social following for their regional events.

The success of the site led to top listings on,,, and other top blogging sites. To top it all off FeLion Studios was invited to participate on the Martha Stewart Show.

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Pediatrics PC

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Amplitude Design, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Pediatrics PC is a pediatric clinic located in Omaha, Nebraska. The site contains general office information as well as a means to notify patients of related childcare news.

The Site in Brief:

  • Content Management System (WordPress)
  • Email List Management
  • Feeds for Related Pediatric News
  • Billing and Administrative Functionality

Woodland Futures

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Woodland Futures, LLC worked with Amplitude Design, Inc. to launch their first web site. The company focuses on offsetting carbon pollution through planting trees.

The site provides informational content and a variety of packaged options to promote carbon neutrality. As an adjunct to the system, the  site provides businesses with a Carbon Calculator, which calculates the appropriate number of trees to offset operations.

Amplitude Design, Inc. used WordPress to build the site. The site also uses PayPal for credit card processing.

After working with other web development companies, Woodland Futures, LLC chose Amplitude Design, Inc. because of our experience.

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Amplitude Design, Inc. was pleased to work with the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association on the development of the new site for the United States Championship Cheese Contest (

The site includes many capabilities designed to display all the associated information for a contest. This includes associated documents, information, contest results, news, sponsors, etc… We also developed an credit card checkout for contest entry payment. The user is provided a multi-page form on an SSL server, and is directed to for credit card checkout. This provides the user with a secure checkout and gives the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association the information they require to host a successful event. The Executive Director of the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association said after the event, in reference to this year’s paperless scoring, “it was a challenge for some of our judges and a joy in the end.”

To view photos of the 2011 United States Championship Cheese Contest click here.
To view the video from the 2011 United States Championship Cheese Contest click here.

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   |   By  |  No comments came to Amplitude Design, Inc. years ago with a static web site that needed some upgrades. We were able to successfully work with an old design and upgrade it to a more dyanmic site.

This worked for several years, however it was time for a fresh look in conjunction with Merlin’s new product launch. Amplitude Design, Inc. worked with Merlin Darts to customize a Content Management System. The result is a site that allows Merlin Darts to translate their site and provide unique content for each language. In working with Amplitude Design, Inc., Merlin Darts now has complete control over its web site. The client¬† now has the ability to provide pertinent, updated information on a timley basis. This type of web site provides value to both the visitor and Merlin Darts.

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Energy Tech Solutions, LLC, an expert in LED lighting, worked with Amplitude Design, Inc. to takes its bright ideas to market.

In an effort to control costs and speed up development, Energy Tech Solutions wanted to use their existing site design but expand the capabilities. Amplitude Design’s existing application library allowed them to achieve their goal, while bringing an e-commerce site to market in just two weeks! includes the following applications:

  • News
  • E-Commerce Shopping Cart
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Content Management System