SEO = Rich Content + Linking + Art

Have you looked into SEO? Have you tried and been unsuccessful?

The SEO Process

  1. Let our knowledgeable team of experts assist you. You won’t hear us make claims “we can get you to the top of Google in 24 hours. ” When you work with Amplitude Design, Inc. on SEO you will be highly informed throughout the SEO process. We begin by researching keyword terms and exact phrase matching versus taking misguided shots with your content. This is really the most enlightening phase of SEO and is a true indicator of competition for keywords. At this stage we meet with our clients to make certain the target keywords are pertinent and valuable. In other words, we could get you to the top of the results for a keyword, but does it make economic sense?
  2. Next, we will begin to alter portions of a site to “optimize” for keywords chosen in the prior discussions. We will work with you to maximize copy, integrate site tracking, create landing pages and other alterations needed to complete the SEO process. At this stage you will gain access to tools used to monitor your site traffic. We want to make certain we see tangible results for our keywords. We will also make recommendations and structure your pay-per-click advertising, if that is of interest?
  3. You can now begin to monitor traffic, make adjustments to the site, and track your competition. Getting to the top for relevant keywords is a process and not an instantaneous occurence. We understand this and have proven results.